Friendsville is Maryland’s outdoor adventure capitol with direct access to many outdoor sports. You will find that a day in Friendsviile can help you re-connect with your adventuresome spirit or just rejuvenate yourself and relax alongside the river. The Town Park offers direct access to the river for swimming and chilling out and folks can fish from the bridge or explore the river upstream along the Kendall River Trail. You can also bike up to the abandoned town of Kendall (AKA Krug) along the trail and beyond but be forewarned this is a Wild Lands so prepare for the rugged and sometimes muddy. Friendsville…the perfect location for small town living and that ultimate outdoor lifestyle.


Friendsville has numerous fishing opportunities with excellent fishing for a variety of game fish from trout to bass.  The Youghiogheny River and Bear Creek are two of the most significant trout waters in Maryland.  The Bear Creek Trout Hatchery provides superb fish stock and the health of these waterways guarantees ample aquatic life for healthy fish stocks that are known to reproduce naturally. Licenses, tackle and bait are available at Handyman Hardware & Leisure.

Rafting and Kayaking

Friendsville is the take-out for the world famous Upper Youghiogheny. This 10 mile stretch of river is known for its numerous Class IV-V Rapids dropping an impressive 125-180 feet per mile in the middle canyon. This section of river from Sang Run Bridge to town  is very inaccessible for most of its length and is to be attempted by only expert kayakers and rafters.

Upper Yough (YOK) Season Release Dates

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Friendsville has several hiking opportunities for visitors. The best and most popular is the Kendall River Trail. This Trail starts at the end of Morris Avenue and Chestnut Street. For full information on the trail and it’s history check out the webpage.

There is also a nice paved loop at the Town Park perfect for kids and toddlers to bike and folks of all ages to stroll.


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