Friendsville is a great place to live! Our town is close to employment centers in Morgantown Wv, Cumberland Maryland, Oakland MD and the Deep Creek Lake Resort area. We have a Blue Ribbon Elementary School and just about everything you could need withnin walking distance.

If you are looking to locate a business or your family here contact our Mayor. He will be happy to explore available homes, properties and business locations with you.

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  • A walkable town saves you time and gas
  • Lower cost than regional urban areas
  • A GREAT Elemetary School
  • Garrett Medical Office
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery Store
  • Liquor Store
  • Post Office
  • Motels and Hotels
  • Restaurants and Pub
  • Health Food Store
  • Direct access to miles and miles of pristine hiking and biking trails
  • A fantastic town park
  • Riverside location for swimming and fishing
  • Forward thinking and responsive government
  • Public Library
  • Take-out location for the world class whitewater on the Upper Yough
  • Lots of great community events
  • Local Adventure Companies
Friendsville is a 40 minute drive to:
  • Morgantown, WV, home of WVU, Ruby Memorial Hospital and Mylan Pharmaceuticals
  • Frostburg, MD, home of Frostburg State University
  • Uniontown, PA
  • Cumberland, MD
  • Oakland, MD, the county seat of Garrett County

Employment Opportunities:

Friendsville is located just off I-68 and is a 40-minute drive to several metropolitan areas. Because of it’s ideal location, you and your family can live in a small town and have the employment opportunities afforded those living in more populated areas.
Uniontown, PA
Frostburg, MD
Accident, MD