History Tour is now open!

The Friendsville Interactive History Tour opened on July 1st. 18 Signage markers are now installed and the main kiosk at the hiker and boater parking lost has tour brochures and a big map of the town showing the marker locations. The website is live and a few videos are still being uploaded.


Friendsville Color Run a huge success!

What an amazing event that the Friendsville Elementary School PTO sponsored this morning.  The Color Run, with proceeds going to “Project Bundle Up”.  I volunteered this morning along with so many other great supporters of our school.  Everyone had a great time, from the kids to all of us adults.  It really shows how the community comes together to support our school.
Thanks again to all who participated, volunteered or came out to support the runners and walkers.
Friendsville Elementary is on the move!
Spencer Schlosnagle

Town of Friendsville Election Results

The town of Friendsville elections results from February 14, 2017 are as follows:

The residents elected to serve on council for a two year term are Robert H. Sines (68 votes); Fred Fox (67 votes); Sheryl Sines MacLane (66 votes).  They will serve alongside Pamela Humberson, Jerry Fike and Julia Sines as well as Mayor Schlosnagle who have one year remaining.  Other residents running for council were Herschel H. Allen, III (22 votes), Toney Artice (37 votes), Crede Calhoun (57 votes) and Joseph Sessa (44 votes) Marlene Boomer with one write-in vote. 



Friendsville History Project Update


The Friendsville Interactive History Project is proceeding and video stories are being recorded. The project was lucky enough to interview Bill Slagle prior to his passing and project consultant and designer Crede Calhoun is actively setting up recording sessions. Familes are encouraged to help the process and get their elders and storytellers involved. Recording sessions are relaxed and can take place anywhere within a reasonable distance from town. Lots of subjects being explored.

There will be storytelling recording sessions offered on January 8th and 15th (Sunday afternoon) from 1:00-5:00PM. These will be round table story opportunities and individual story collections.  Call Crede Calhoun at 301-746-4083 for information and to get involved. Sessions will be scheduled.

Topics Can Include

  • Railroad Memories
  • Memories about Businesses
  • Memories about events
  • Funny stories
  • Recollections of what town was like back in the day
  • Memories about Friendsville pre I-68
  • Memories of Friendsville’s ‘Dodge City’ Days.
  • Sports memories
  • Cider mill memories
  • School stories
  • Shanty Town memories
  • Friendsville’s Trucking Days
  • Memories of long gone citizens
  • Family memories
  • Military service memories
  • Disappeared buildings
  • Childhood memories

Stories recorded elsewhere can also be sent to Crede for possible inclusion. Interview your relatives with your smart phone and have them tell their favorite story. The project can use them or at least archive them for posterity.

Crede Calhoun and Ina Hicks working together on the content and design of the tour.

Develop 17 signage markers for permanent display around town denoting places, people, stories, or buildings of historical interest. Markers will be high quality metal weather and UV resistant signs, framed and attached securely to buildings or posts.

Walking Tour Map Brochure of town will be created showing marker locations and provide some historical information. Map will be designed to provide additional promotional information on the town such as calendar of events and business directory listings.

Web site Component
Each physical marker will also include a QCR CODE symbol that when read by an internet connected smartphone will jump to a specific webpahge correspoding to that marker. This web page would consist of more textual information, mores photos and embedded YouTube videos of storytellers recounting stories relating to the town’s history and/or that marker location.

Web pages will allow for an interactive experience with history coming alive with video, sounds, more information and more photos.

Walking Tour Web site and individual Marker Web Pages will be web and mobile phone friendly and be connected to current town web site via a subdirectory.

Take The Tour Online 24/7
Web site visitors can take the walking tour online even if they aren’t in town. This will be great for past residents and allow for folks from all over the world to ‘tour’ our towns rich history.

Web site will function as an ongoing repository for town memories. New videos, photographs and stories can be added anytime as resources allow. Links to Maryland History web sites and information will be included on a links page. An effort will be made to trade links with 20 other towns in Maryland and surrounding areas that have a walking tour and businesses will also have links and listings on the site.
A link to a comprehensive Business Directory Links Page will be included on every Markers Web page in the as well as links to the Town Calendar of Events page.

Long Term and Lasting Benefits
This tour and its markers will become a feature of the town where visitors and residents can interact and learn about their history. It will be a superb attraction that can help the town excite interest and encourage visitors to come for a visit. This tour will help establish history exploration as a viable theme and topic for the family travel experience.

A related Face book Page will be started by the Town to allow for Walking Tour Guests to comment and interact with the Town about the tour and town history.

The Maryland Heritage Area Authority awarded 52 matching grants this July for 2.7 million in awards. The Town of Friendsville was the number one grant submitted by our local heritage area and was one of 5 that received funding of the 7 submitted by Mountain Maryland Gateway. The Grant was funded for the entire amount requested, $14, 279.00.


IONA Friday June 3rd 6-9PM

Garrett Lakes Arts Festival proudly presents IONA, Pan-Celtic Band, from metropolitan D.C. at 7:00 in the Friendsville Community Park. The park will open at 6 p.m. with local food vendors available for dinner fare. Bring a lawn chair, plan to picnic.

108 Runners-Walkers attend 5K-3K

Friendsville hosted its second annual 5KRun-3kWalk on May 14th and 108 participants braved the less than optimistic weather forecast to attend.  The turn out was larger than last year by 22 people and runners and walkers were about equal in number. The winning runner walking away with the $100 first prize was Scott Burnham from Fairmont, West Va. with a time of 17:30. Last years winner Ryan Bowser was third and second place was Derek Clark. Northern Highschool’s 15 year old Dylan McCann placed 4th with a time of 18:20. The First Place woman taking the $100 prize was Heather Parks from Morgantown, WV with a time of 20.59. The walkers had a great time and everyone missed the rain that came shortly after the events conclusion.

The event raised approx. $1,200 for the Friendsville Branch of the Ruth Enlow Library.

Non competitive ‘walkers’  had a chance at some really great prizes from a variety of sponsors. Full results can be viewed at the Queen City Striders website at www.qcstriders.com. Sponsors included ABPH Studios, All Earth Eco Tours, Amy’s Yoga, Ancient Healing Oils, Animal Crackers, Backbone Farm, The Bakers Rack, Deep Creek Cellars, Demaree Inflatable Boats, East-West Printing, Everything Drywall, Friends of Deep Creek Lake, Friendsville Fitness, Freindsville Liquors, Garrett Medical Group, High Mountain Sports, Handyman Hardware, Jubillee Junction Diner, Ken’s Irish Pub, Lakefront Magazine, Mountain Hollow Store, Possum Tail Farm, Precision Rafting, Riverside Hotel, Round Right Farm, Savage River Farm, S&S Market, Sunset Inn, Themers and Dreamers, Vision Quest Stuidios, Water Street Cafe, Working H Meats, Wilderness-Voyageurs, Yough Valley Motel and Zumba Dance Fitness.

See Photo Gallery

 Kendall Trail Run
Friendsville, Maryland     May 16, 2015 9:00 A.M.  

                    **********5K RUN RESULTS**********

Place Name                Age S Town            St Time    Pace     
===== =================== === = =============== == ======= ===== 
    1 Scott Burnham        27 M Fairmont        WV   17:30  5:38 
    2 Derek Clark          35 M                      17:43  5:43 
    3 Ryan Bowser          26 M                      17:51  5:45 
    4 Dylan McCann         15 M                      18:20  5:54 
    5 John Littley         17 M                      18:35  5:59 
    6 Saylor Wampler       18 M                      18:47  6:03 
    7 Lucas Young          20 F                      18:57  6:06 
    8 Caleb Barclay        15 M                      19:01  6:08 
    9 Kellyn Cassell       33 M                      20:03  6:27 
   10 Robert Walker        17 M                      20:45  6:41 
   11 Heather Parks        41 F                      20:59  6:46 
   12 Ron Hamric           59 M Bruceton Mills  WV   21:03  6:47 
   13 Luke Hawranick       12 M                      21:06  6:48 
   14 Shaun Peck           38 M Friendsville    MD   21:12  6:50 
   15 Steve Green          49 M                      21:57  7:04 
   16 Travis McGann        32 M                      21:59  7:05 
   17 Parker Jacobs        48 M                      22:28  7:14 
   18 Brian O'Brien        59 M                      23:28  7:34 
   19 Frank Perryman       52 M                      24:13  7:48 
   20 Dave Lowery          49 M                      24:28  7:53 
   21 Olga Hawranick       16 F                      24:30  7:53 
   22 Michael Kozier       63 M                      25:11  8:07 
   23 Joseph Littley       49 M                      25:50  8:19 
   24 Michael Hawranick    57 M                      28:31  9:11 
   25 Hailey Yommer        16 F                      29:25  9:28 
   26 Patty DeRosa         57 F Frostburg       MD   29:49  9:36 
   27 Frank Perryman, Jr   23 M                      29:57  9:39 
   28 Aviel Malka          24 M                      29:59  9:39 
   29 Daniel Barber        36 M                      30:05  9:41 
   30 Nancy Bowling        59 F                      30:06  9:41 
   31 Jamie Gera           39 M                      30:07  9:42 
   32 Nancy Zbel           46 F                      30:09  9:42 
   33 Chara Whittemore     56 F Friendsville    MD   32:55 10:36 
   34 Rhonda Shaffer       44 F                      35:46 11:31 
   35 Hope Uphold          39 F                      38:51 12:31 
   36 Ezekiel Guthrie       9 M                      38:56 12:32 
   37 Amber Guthrie        37 F                      39:06 12:35 
   38 Tori Lytle           12 F                      39:27 12:42 
   39 Karen Clister        61 F                      39:33 12:44 
   40 Bryan Hook            8 M                      40:21 13:00 
   41 Maureen Brewer       50 F                      40:32 13:03 
   42 Carrie Hook             F                      40:33 13:03 
   43 Julian Coluzzi       29 M                      44:19 14:16 
   44 Sandra Coluzzi       28 F                      44:30 14:20 
   45 Connald Edlin        63 M                      45:08 14:32 
   46 Lisa Cesnick         48 F                      46:16 14:54 
   47 Thomas Gera          44 M                      50:49 16:22 

Kendall Trail Run
Friendsville, Maryland     May 14, 2012 9:00 A.M. 

                 **********FUN RUN/WALK RESULTS**********

Place Name                Age S R Town            St Time       
===== =================== === = = =============== == ======= 
    1 Gene Fike            64 M W                      34:03 
    2 Joanne Kozier        64 F W                      34:47 
    3 Emmilee Bowman        6 F W                      40:24 
    4 Aimee Lytle          32 F W                      40:50 
    5 Susan Mallow         50 F W                      41:19 
    6 Michael Fontaine     57 M W                      41:20 
    7 Sadie Glasker-Harri  38 F W                      41:24 
    8 Missy Nicholson      39 F W                      41:27 
    9 Debbie Frazee        55 F W                      43:33 
   10 Beth Frazee          55 F W                      43:34 
   11 Jennifer Uphold      42 F W                      43:40 
   12 Erin Frazee          20 F W                      43:42 
   13 Richard Johnson      38 M W                      43:42 
   14 Sheryl MacLane       60 F W                      43:43 
   15 Brandon Wilt         21 M W                      44:18 
   16 Greg Lytle           47 M W                      47:30 
   17 Donna Turney         59 F W                      47:31 
   18 Karen Benedict       60 F W                      47:49 
   19 Sandy Michaels       48 F W Friendsville    MD   47:53 
   20 Ed Lytle             46 M w Friendsville    MD   48:06 
   21 Gene Benedict        61 M W                      48:25 
   22 Josh Hook            33 M W                      49:17 
   23 William Johnston     66 M w                      49:18 
   24 Susan Johnston       64 F w                      50:03 
   25 Becky Sines          45 F W                      50:03 
   26 Hannah Beachy        25 F W                      50:39 
   27 Suzan O'Brien        59 F W                      50:40 
   28 Marlee Thomas         2 F W                      50:40 
   29 Abigail Gera          8 F W                      50:41 
   30 Kathy Gera           67 F W                      50:42 
   31 June Friedlander     74 F W                      50:50 
   32 Roger Mallow         70 M W                      53:53 
   33 Dawn Panther         56 F W                      54:06 
   34 Ed Panther           56 M W                      54:16 
   35 Lauren McGann        31 F W                      54:17 
   36 Jessie Railey        30 F W                      54:21 
   37 Chad Panther         32 M W                      54:21 
   38 Amy Conger           47 F W                      54:34 
   39 Lynn Frazee          54 M W                      54:37 
   40 Julie Frazee         58 F W                      54:38 
   41 Pat Riep-Dice        70 F W                      55:48 
   42 Glenda Lane          47 F W                      55:52 
   43 Amy Rappa            33 F W                      56:00 
   44 Carol Squires        59 F W                      59:02 
   45 Debbie Michael       65 F W                      59:03 
   46 Ike Isaacson         71 M W                    1:01:31 
   47 Carolyn Sheaffer     51 F W                    1:01:32 
   48 Jeanette Wampler     55 F W                    1:01:45 
   49 Mimi DeMaree         62 F W                    1:01:47 
   50 Molly Rikhye         31 F W                    1:02:31